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'It's the relationship that heals' - Irvin Yalom

I am an integrative, relational therapist. I believe that every client is unique, and so I adapt my approach to suit the individual. I also believe in the value and healing power of providing a non-judgemental, empathic and accepting relationship - an experience of relationship that many individuals may not have had previously. 

Working integratively means that I draw upon a number of different approaches in my work with clients, depending on what each individual needs. The core of my training is person-centred. This means that I see the client as the expert of their own world, and that I believe they contain an inner ability to change and grow. My aim is to empower and motivate you to make the changes you wish to make in life.  

I focus on creating a safe, empathic, non-judgemental space in which you feel heard and accepted, and therefore able to stay with and explore things, at a deeper level than you may have felt able to previously. I am also particularly influenced by psychoanalysis, self-psychology and attachment theory (all of which look at how our early experiences and relationships shape the adults we become). 

Working relationally means that I will often be thinking about our relationship - that between therapist and client - and what is going on in the here-and-now of our therapy sessions together. I believe the patterns of relating that you will experience in our personal relationships will also likely play out between you and I in the therapy room, and therefore that working with these as they enact in the therapeutic space can provide a unique and helpful tool for better understanding, and challenging, patterns in your thinking, feeling and behaviour. 

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